Department Chairperson - Florida International University

2018 to present

  • Administration Bargaining Team Member
  • Chair’s Advisory Council Steering Committee
  • Evaluating Teaching Steering Committee
  • COACHE Steering Committee
  • Accreditation Team
  • Academic Continuity Designee
  • SPOTS Review Committee
  • Global Sustainable Tourism degree design & proposal
Director, Distance Learning - Florida International University

2010 to present

  • Curriculum design
  • Online program development & engagement
  • Design of 1 credit POD (Program on Demand) structure
  • Assessment design via gaming theory and active learning
  • Created professional development & faculty training learning modules
  • Created electronic model for building course material
  • Created electronic syllabus builder
  • Course/Program rubric design
  • Developed online course standards
  • Electronic documentation for accreditation
  • Cross-discipline collaboration to design online simulations
  • Developed & maintain annual budgets
  • Integrated electronic portfolios across curriculum
  • Design video recording studio
  • Pre & post video production
  • School liaison for online education
  • Faculty Senate Online Committee, chairperson (2016-present)
  • Faculty Senate Technology Committee, representative (2011-present)
  • Quality Matters liaison and hybrid training coordinator
  • Florida Faculty Development Consortium representative
  • Define online course scheduling modules
  • Academic advising for graduate online students
  • Working knowledge of Tableau data visualization & analytics front-end, Qualtrics, SQL report writing
  • Online Learning Consortium (formerly Sloan-C) representative
  • Designed online continuing education platform (WordPress)
  • Extensive experience on Blackboard front-end applications and administration
  • Experienced in Desire2Learn, Webct, Moodle, Canvas, WPLMS
  • Implementation of synchronous courses streamed to China
  • Faculty lead for NSF Innovation Corps Teams Program
  • International programming and administration (Whitney International)
  • Ranked #1, The 20 Best Online Hospitality Management Programs (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) – www.bestcolleges.com
  • Ranked #2, 25 Best Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management for 2017 – www.collegechoice.net
  • Ranked #2, Complete Guide to Top Online Hospitality Management Degrees 2016 – http://www.guidetoonlineschools.com
  • Ranked #3, Best Online Master’s in Hospitality Management Degree for 2018 – www.collegechoice.net
Associate Teaching Professor - Florida International University

2009 to present

  • FIU Top Scholar for Teaching and Mentoring, Student Learning and Success, 2018
  • Developed curriculum for Hospitality Technology Innovation
  • Developed curriculum for Digital Marketing for Hospitality
  • Developed curriculum for Proximity Marketing POD
  • Weekly online lectures on all aspects of technology in the Hospitality & Tourism Management industry
  • Assigned course work related to current technology used in the industry
  • Administered online examinations to test and track teaching methods
Director, Information Technology - Florida International University


  • Designed and implemented network infrastructure
  • Designed network infrastructure of Tianjin, China Center
  • Manage staffing and budget of multiple departments
  • Authored usage policies and procedures for all technology
  • Authored hurricane preparedness policies and procedures
  • Designed an online document compliance system for S.A.C.S.
  • Designed and implemented school-wide P.O.E. wireless network
  • Designed e-classrooms (RFP to completion) for online learning
  • Interact with all third-party vendors related to I.T. projects
  • Designed and implemented digital signage
  • Manage and maintain all technical and audio-visual aspects of the Kovens Conference Center
  • Implemented PMS system, POS system
  • Maintained computer laboratories, staff, and budget
  • Developed multimedia for Distance Learning Program
  • Desktop publishing design
  • Creation and remote support of online systems for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival
  • Interacted with both support staff and students to educate and troubleshoot
  • Responsible for the College of Business and the School Hospitality Management computer operations
Corporate Director, Information Services - American Welding Society


  • Maintain SCO 5 Server
  • Designed and maintain Linux Web Server (Mandrake) to increase organizational visibility
  • Designed and maintain Appletalk network for 25 Mac’s to fileshare
  • Implemented Windows thin client terminals(WYSE)
  • Setup & maintained Windd (Windows NT Server for thin client)
  • Maintained 2 Sun Solaris E-450 Servers for file/print sharing and financial database applications
  • Maintained four Windows 2000 Advanced Server with IIS
  • Implemented fiber-optic gigabit network backbone increasing network speed tenfold
  • Implemented Citrix server-based network to maintain security and ease of management
  • Original designer of aws.org in 1996 providing a global gateway to the organization
  • Designed first IP network interspersed with Appletalk and Novell and provided email access
  • Implemented intranet based website to provide for a quality management documentation software
  • Implemented remote access capability via dialup networking (Portmaster II)
  • Implemented remote access capability via VPN
  • Implemented procedures for ISO 9001 certification
  • Implemented 2mb/s wireless internet uplink increasing WAN speed by 1,744kb/s while cutting cost
  • Served as primary witness, as well as, prepared documents for plaintiffs litigation
  • Implemented and maintain Interscan anti-virus firewall
  • Implemented MS-Exchange Server 2000
  • Maintained procedures for redundant data backup (tape, online, offsite tape and offsite electronic transfer)
  • Implemented email spam filter in an effort to cut unsolicited email traffic
  • Setup temporary remote office with internet and LAN capabilities for various conferences
  • All audio/visual technology associated with event planning


Florida International University


Doctor of Philosophy-Candidate, Computer Science
A Personalized Semantic Recommender Using Inference Star Ratings

University of Miami


Master of Science, Computer Science

University of Miami


Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing

University of Wisconsin-Stout


E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate



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